2011 Harvest report

Besides hot weather, not unusual at these latitudes, the lack of rain caused a strong water stress to the plants bringing an advanced maturation and a higher sugar concentration, due to the dehydration of the grapes. Compared to last year we had a lower yield in wine. In many areas we had a 2 or 3 weeks harvest anticipation. The last harvest was also strongly influenced by “external” factors. The 3 year extirpation campaign is coming to an end and is bringing a structural reduction of the productions in the whole Italian territory. In the last three years a total of approx 32.000 hectars of extirpation demands have been accepted and Sicily is one of the regions that have most demanded for it. Other important factor was the green harvest, especially for the grapes registered under the DOC area. This year Sicily has “frozen” almost 13.000 hectares becoming by far the first region in Italy in this special list.

On the good side we have some points of excellence for the reds, particularly in our San Cataldo area in central Sicily, with an important raise in alcoholic strength, structure and aromatic persistence, especially for Nero d’Avola and Syrah. In regards to the whites, we are more on the elegant side, with more body and acidity, but with a slightly lighter nose especially for the aromatic varietals.