Spaghetti con l’uovo di tonno

400 gr x Spaghetti
100 gr x Uovo di tonno (tuna bottarga)
1 x Garlic clove Cherry tomatoes (handful)
Olive Oil Parsley (chopped, good handful)

  1. Grate the tuna bottarga and put in a bowl, with a good amount of good quality olive oil and the garlic clove.
  2. Wash and cut the cherry tomatoes in half, and add to the tuna bottarga along with half of the parsley and some pepper (no salt, as the tuna egg is already very salty). Let it all rest while cooking the pasta, or even a little longer if possible, so all the flavours blend in together.
  3. Cook the pasta ‘al dente’, when draining retain some of the water. Put some of the sauce in a serving bowl, add the pasta and the rest of the sauce and mix well. Add some water from the pasta if it looks too dry.
  4. Let it rest a few minutes, sprinkle on top the remaining parsley and serve.

Enjoy with a glass of delicious and refreshing Coralto Grillo!